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The Links Between Diabetes And Obesity

Last updated 3 years ago

It has long been acknowledged that there is a significant link between obesity and the development of Type 2 diabetes. This is causing more people than ever to investigate methods of losing weight to reduce their risk of developing diabetes, including weight loss surgery.

Those who develop Type 2 diabetes have increased levels of blood glucose in their system because their body doesn’t produce, or struggles to use the right amount of insulin to control blood glucose levels. Unhealthy and overweight individuals, even without a family history of diabetes, have a greater risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes.

How is diabetes influenced by obesity?

For many years, rates of diabetes have been increasing in relative proportion to national obesity figures, indicating a link between the two conditions. Indeed, it is now widely held that obesity is the single biggest causal factor in the development of insulin resistance in humans.

While some types of diabetes have remained relatively stable over time, it is Type 2 diabetes in particular - also known as adult-onset diabetes - that presents the greatest risk, accounting for around 85 per cent of diabetics. Of these, an estimated 80 per cent of people are classified as obese.

Scientific findings

Tests carried out on mice demonstrated that higher levels of the hormone resistin were present in subjects that became obese through overeating, and there are signs that the situation could be similar for humans.

More recently, research carried out at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has shown more clearly how obesity increases the risk of diabetes, and why thinner people tend to become more insulin-resistant than people who are overweight.

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